About LMIDynavision

M6 Multi-Point Sensor

The M6 sensors provide accurate information on profile, surface variation and width using 6 laser spots on 4" (10cm) centers. Accuracy of 0.010" (0.25mm) over the 12" (30cm) measurement range. For applications in the forest products sector, this allows the same head to be used for edger, cant, and trimmer functions. Scan rates of 1000/second keep up with the fastest piece rates required today.

These sensors are designed as modular sections, to be mounted end-to-end to form a continuous array of profiles as long as 28' (8.5m) for double sided scanning, or up to 56' (17m) for a single surface. Implementation by system integrators and OEMs is easy and cost effective. All that is required to configure a complete system is to install the LMIDynavision scanner interface cards into a standard industrial IBM/AT.

"C" language software libraries for DOS, Windows 95 or Windows NT provide application software easy access to data, status or diagnostic information. Regardless of which OS is used, all function calls are identical, so switching OS platforms can be accomplished without having to modify the software.

Proven reliability has made LMIDynavision scanners the standard in the forest products industry, where they've endured the tough industrial environments of edger, trimmer and cant optimizers and sort stations.

On-line diagnostics, elimination of camera or laser alignment, and quick installation service make LMIDynavision your best choice for laser scanning applications.

M6 Technical Specs

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