About LMIDynavision

M24 Multi-Point Sensor LMIDynavision

The LMIDynavision scanning head is one of the fastest, most accurate, high resolution scanning sensor available. Individual lasers spaced every one inch measure range readings at 1000hz.

These sensors provide highly detailed profiling information without the problems associated with using beam splitting technology. All laser beams are vertical. Individual laser spots mean less down time and fewer undetected defects. Block 2 of 4 spots and you'll still be outperforming any other scanner sensor in the market.

The LMIDynavision M24 system is the easiest yet to install. This system interfaces to any optimizer hardware/software available today and in the immediate future, so you won't need a new scanner when computer technology changes. Think what LMIDynavision will do for your mill. "C" language software libraries for DOS, Windows 95 or Windows NT provide application software easy access to data, status or diagnostic information. Regardless of which OS is used, all function calls are identical, so switching OS platforms can be accomplished without having to modify the software.

M24 Technical Specs

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