About LMIDynavision

M16 Multi-Point Sensor

The M16 sensors provide extremely detailed surface and profile information. Using 16 lasers spaced 1" apart, the M16 scans 250 times each second and provides an average accuracy of 0.025" (0.64mm) over the full 26" measuring range.

Designed to operate in any position, in some of the toughest environments, the M16 provides the OEM the greatest freedom to design and build scanners system to meet customer needs. You can cost effectively configure a complete system by installing the LMIDynavision scanner interface cards into a standard industrial IBM/AT.

"C" language software libraries for DOS, Windows 95 or Windows NT provide application software easy access to data, status or diagnostic information. Regardless of which OS is used, all function calls are identical, so switching OS platforms can be accomplished without having to modify the software.

On-line diagnostics, elimination of camera or laser alignment, and quick installation service make LMIDynavision your best choice for laser scanning applications.

M16 Technical Specs

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