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LBS Beam Sensor

The LBS Sensor consists of separate transmitter and receiver units which project a wide beam of laser light between them. The portion of the laser light that reaches the receiver depends on the size of the object (or portion of it), within the light beam. Measurement is achieved by detecting the amount of light received versus the amount of light transmitted.

Accuracy depends on the width of the beam transmitted. Beam widths up to 1" (25mm) are available. Output is relative to the portion of the beam that is blocked.

The LBS sensor offers excellent possibilities for controlling the dimensions of components, for measuring the width of cloth, paper, and foil, web control and for the edge guiding of such materials. Other possible applications are opacity measurements in liquids, presence detection, oscillation and vibration.

Additionally, it can also be used for reflection measuring. By placing the transmitter and the receiver at an angle to reflect light from the target object surface into the receiver, the surface reflectivity is detected. In this way, it is possible to detect a welding joint or to control the quality of grinding faces.

LBS Technical Specs

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