About LMIDynavision

L4 3-D Snapshot Sensor

The L4 sensor instantly produces a contour measurement every foot along the target. Scanning at 60 times a second, as the target moves the result is high density scan data about every 1".

The L4 is a marriage of laser and CCD camera scanning technology that produces high density distance measurements, data collection, and computer images. Applications in the forest products industry includes optimization of logs on a conventional log carriage, log rotation on short in-feeds slanted resaw systems, cant machines, and small log machines.

Unique to the L4 are dual cameras located in each sensor head. All four individual laser lines are in both camera's field of view. This "dual triangulation" allows the L4 to more accurately collect the 3-D log profile, while 'seeing' around irregularities.

With multiple lasers and frame rates faster than cameras provide, the L4 can collect "instantaneous" 12 inch profiles, or continuously collect profiles every 1 inch (targets moving at 300 feet/minute).

L4 Preliminary Specs

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