About LMIDynavision

L1 3D Log Scanner

The L1 3D log scanner is designed for extremely high resolution profiling and easy start-up. It utilizes a < 5 mW visible laser to generate detailed profiles of X,Y data points every 1/8" around the log. This laser means you get excellent images without the need for complex shrouding to block out ambient light. These heads are manufactured with rugged industrial housings and are pre-calibrated at the factory for maximum precision. Combine two or more heads to provide a full 3D image around the log. The L1 exceeds all existing scanner technology on today's market and delivers the reliability that you've come to expect from LMIDynavision.

The Next Generation in Log Scanning Combine two or more LMIDynavision L1 scanners to provide a full 3D image around the log or cant.

L1 Preliminary Specs

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