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Miniature Beam Sensor

This new sensor was created as direct competition to the Keyence LX sensor. It is a 1mm by 10mm beam sensor with many of the same specifications and the same price as the Keyence LX. The differentiating characteristics, however, include the improved linearity and exact machining of the case to ensure consistent dimensions. These dimensions are such that the unit will fit exactly into the space where the competition is being used. (See table)

The price is $1500 US per pair; margins and discounts will stay the same as other LMIDynavision products. The Miniature Beam Sensor is an excellent new sensor with sound positioning and good volume potential.

Miniature Beam Sensor Preliminary Specs

With multiple lasers and frame rates faster than cameras provide, the L4 can collect "instantaneous" 12 inch profiles, or continuously collect profiles every 1 inch (targets moving at 300 feet/minute).

L4 Preliminary Specs

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