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Dynamic Control Systems Inc., the makers of LMIDynavision laser sensors, has come a long way since its founding 21 years ago. The road from the company's inception to its arrival as the number one laser sensor manufacturer for the sawmill industry has been one full of innovations.

"We started this company as a computer consulting business for process control," says Leonard Metcalfe, Chief Executive Officer of Dynamic. "We saw a great deal of potential, but we had no idea how things would take off."

Company History
Dynamic Control System's first product line was a micro-processor based controller to accurately position saws and chippers for use in the forest products industry. This was the first use of micro-processors for this application, adding functions not previously available.

The company expanded its scope in 1982 to designing and installing complete sawmill scanning and process control systems. This evolved into full optimization systems using the existing "single-laser/single sensor" scanners available at that time.

In 1987, the company began development of a multi-point laser sensor for use in the sawmill edger and trimmer optimization market. Patents were filed on the sensor.

The first LMIDynavision single- and multi-point laser sensors were shipped in 1989 and 1990, leading to a 1992 company decision to focus on being a prime designer and manufacturer of sensors for all optimization manufacturers. "We recognized that this was our area of expertise, and a sector where we could really add value to both manufacturers and end-users," says Dynamic President Barry Dashner.

The M6 3-D laser measurement system for board scanning was introduced in 1990, a system that quickly became the standard for the industry. DCS introduced the first economical 3-D measurement system for log scanning in 1993, followed in 1994 by the premiere of the highest density high speed scanner system, the M24, the forest industry had seen to date. Three years later, no one has yet matched its price and performance combination.

With the addition of Gordon Porter as Marketing Manager in 1994, LMIDynavision has built distribution channels throughout North America and around the world.

All of these developments led to the emergence of LMIDynavision in 1995 as the number one laser manufacturer for the sawmill industry, a position the company still holds today.

International Success
Dynamic supplies 40% of the North American wood products market with LMIDynavision trademark laser sensors, but the international market is of growing importance. "We now have LMIDynavision sensors installed throughout North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia," says Dynamic President Barry Dashner. "Our international presence and reputation is something we are very proud of."

Continuing to expand their international presence, Dynamic purchased 50% of Holland's Sensors95 B.V. in 1996. This enabled the company to add several new products for marketing in North America, and set up a base for marketing in the European Union.

1996 also saw Dynamic contract to provide private label sensors for Lucas-Varity to compete with the large Japanese companies. Lucas-Varity has a target of $5 million in retail sales of LMIDynavision sensors within three years. Also in 1996, Catech of Sweden, the major supplier of edgers into Europe, Chile and New Zealand, began incorporating LMIDynavision sensors into their product lines.

Preparing for the Future
The last twelve months have seen many more changes and innovations at Dynamic, and the future promises to be just as active.

LMIDynavision has hired a Manager of Research and Development who is building a world class team focused on sensor development. "Our company has almost doubled in employment size in the last eighteen months," says President Barry Dashner, "and almost all the growth has been in research and development."

On March 12, 1997, LMIDynavision announced a commercial alliance with Selcom of Sweden, a partnership designed to expand the companies' respective customer bases and product lines. "There is a great synergy between ourselves and Selcom," explained Dashner. "This alliance is good for both our customers, and the industry as a whole."

The changes, however, will not stop here. "We will probably see as many changes over the next few years as we saw in the last twenty years put together," concluded Dashner. "Our job is to make sure LMIDynavision stays ahead of that curve, and that we continue to provide reliable, leading edge technology to our customers. That's what they expect from us, and it is what we expect from ourselves."

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