About LMIDynavision

Dynamic Control Systems is the designer and manufacturer of the LMIDynavision line of rugged non-contact 2D & 3D laser sensors for laboratory and industrial manufacturing, processing applications and quality assurance use, for a variety of industries.

LMIDynavision sensors are available in beam sensor, single-point, multi-point and laser line configurations with ranges from nanometers to over 4 meters. All of the sensors are manufactured to high quality specifications, and backed by a company with a long history in vision systems and their applications. Dynamic Control Systems Inc. is rapidly working to be ISO9001 certified thereby ensuring our already high quality standards.

Applications for these sensors are numerous, including sawmills, paper, veneer, steel, aluminum, drywall, and electronics industries. They are used for profiling, thickness measurement, surface smoothness, defect detection, web control and a variety of other applications.

Almost any automated process that needs quality control can benefit from LMIDynavision sensors.

Dynamic Control Systems' goal is to make LMIDynavision known and respected as the finest applied vision sensors in the world. We will continue to be a technological leader with a strong R&D focus, and build customer trust with service, and integrity. Accomplishing this ethically as a team, treating both employees and customers fairly, and with respect.

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