The LMI Story

The LMI Story

On December 31, 1997 Dynamic Control Systems, Inc., Selcom AB, Sensors95 bv and SAMI (Sensor Adaptive Machines Inc.) merged together to form Laser Measurement International, Inc. (LMI). This merger put together a team of companies with strengths in various markets with common laser measurement technologies as the basis for their products.

Selcom is a world leader in molten metal measurement, road scanning, tire and rubber applications, and robotics, with strength in Europe and Asia selling scan heads to the sawmill equipment manufacturers. Sensors95 excels in designing and manufacturing very high speed, short range, high accuracy sensors. These sensors are used in numerous quality control applications spanning many industries. SAMI is the world leader in "in-line" scanning in the automotive industry, supplying scanners and systems to the major automobile manufacturers around the world.

The synergy resulting from this merger has allowed all the companies to utilize the combined knowledge in 'process optimization' to design, manufacture and apply skills of each to produce a cohesive group that can deliver the finest laser based measurement scanners in the world. With research, support and offices around the world, the LMI group of companies is able to deliver quality product, and support any customer with non-contact scanning requirements.

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