Volume 1, Issue 5
The newsletter for distributors and agents of LMIDynavision - Summer 1997

New Associations: Selcom

LMIDynavision has entered into a marketing arrangement with Selcom of Sweden, a manufacturer of two excellent laser sensors. The company is very strong in the European forest products market, and has a strong presence world wide in hot metals, tire and rubber, robotic welding and road scanning. Selcom will sell the LMIDynavision products in Europe, and their two high-speed single-point lasers (SLS 5000 and SLS 6000) will be available to our distribution groups in North America.

This association has already worked well for LMIDynavision at the LIGNA forestry products show in Hannover, Germany this May. With the support of Selcom, many deals were signed and business associations formed. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

New People: Glen Quan

Glen Quan, who has worked in manufacturing the complete line of LMIDynavision sensors for over three years, has taken the position of inside sales in the Vancouver office. This new position represents our ongoing commitment to provide sales, service and support to our valued distributor group. Glen's knowledge and support is a welcome relief for me, and should give me more time to get on the road and maintain regular visits with the distribution channels.

Our World Wide Web site ( has a new upgraded look, and we invite you to browse through it. Any feedback would be helpful, especially application notes! If we can put up a wide variety of applications - who is using the product and the problem it solved, we can expand the sales base for many of you.

Notes from Gordon

Have you been asked for a product we do not currently make? If so, please write up the request and forward it to me, Gordon Porter. I have instituted a formal process inside the company to originate and consider suggestions for new products and variations on existing products. We have some of the best people in the world in our facilities, and with your help, can produce the highest quality and cost effective sensors on the market.

New Products: Miniature Beam Sensor

Standoff Distance 0-1000 mm 0-1000 mm
Repeatability 10 m
Power Supply 15-30 VDC
Power Consumption 80 mA
Output 1-5 VDC
Impedence 220W
Contact output NPN open collector (100 mA, max 40V)
Scan Rate 500 Hz
Laser type GaAlAs
Wave Length 780 nm/ IR
Laser class 1
Modulation frequency 5 kHz
Temp Range 0 - 50 C (32 - 120 F)
Relative Humidity 90% (non condensing)
Cable Length 2 m
Dimensions 25x25x56 mm
Weight 200g
Options: Laser diode 670 nm (visible red)
Other diaphragms (volume sales only)
This new sensor was created as direct competition to the Keyence LX sensor. It is a 1mm by 10mm beam sensor with many of the same specifications and the same price as the Keyence LX. The differentiating characteristics, however, include the improved linearity and exact machining of the case to ensure consistent dimensions. These dimensions are such that the unit will fit exactly into the space where the competition is being used. (See table)

The price is $1500 US per pair; margins and discounts will stay the same as other LMIDynavision products. The Miniature Beam Sensor is an excellent new sensor with sound positioning and good volume potential.

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