Volume 3, Issue 4
The newsletter for distributors and agents of LMIDynavision - Fall 1996

New Product Announcement:

The SPR-04 Mid-Range Sensor

Range 2"-8"
Resolution 0.0015"
Scan Rate 1200+ samples/sec
Temp Rate 0-50 C (32-120 F)
Output Analog 0-10 VDC
Digital (optional) RS485
Housing NEMA4 Gasketed
aluminum enclosure
Power Input +15-30 VDC @ 300 mA
With this newsletter LMIDynavision introduces the latest mid-range sensor in their product line. Developed in our Vancouver facility, this unit is a digital sensor using a CCD array and collimated light source. The SPR-04 is much smaller than our other CCD-based sensors.

The SPR-04's range is currently 6" starting at a 2" standoff, i.e., it measures anything between 2" and 8" away from the front of the sensor. The SPR-04 outputs 0-10 VDC over that range, and as an option, can be purchased with a digital RS485 output.

In an analog output format, the sensor will sell for $2000 US; $2400 in digital and analog format. In addition to this excellent price, the required input is any power source between 15 and 30 VDC with 300 mA of power. Margins and discounts will stay the same as for the other products.

This sensor will not have SPR-02 software or capabilities as it is meant to be a low cost, high speed device without all the frills and adaptability of the SPR-02. More ranges and capabilities will be added in the near future.

The range and resolution are shown in the following table. Resolution on the digital channel will be much higher as the unit is capable of sub-pixel resolution. Final numbers are yet to be secured.

Notes from Gordon

By Gordon Porter, Marketing Manager

Internet Address Change

My Internet e-mail address has recently been changed. The old address of still works, but the new address is You can also reach me at This is an easy and inexpensive way to communicate, and I try to respond immediately to any questions that are sent to me.

World Wide Web

Our World Wide Web site is still and we are in the process of upgrading its look. I would really appreciate your response to my August fax requesting application notes. If we can put up a wide variety of applications who is using the products and the problem it solved for them we can expand the sales base for virtually everyone.

LMIDynavision's Suggestion "Box"

Please forward requests to me for products we do not currently make. I have instituted a formal process within the company to initiate suggestions for new products and variations on existing products. We have some of the best people in the world in our facilities and can produce the most cost-effective and efficient sensors on the market. Feel free to use my Internet address to send your ideas along.

Upcoming Shows & Events

October 22-24

The Sensors Expo in Philadelphia should prove interesting this year. Marketing Manager Gordon Porter will be there with a LMIDynavision booth, and Lucas Control Systems Products will also be in attendance with their own booth. LMIDynavision will be holding a joint press conference with Lucas to announce the SPR-04 as featured in this newsletter. If anyone is able to attend please let Gordon know. He can also arrange for tickets to the event if needed.

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