PLYWOOD, Thickness Quality Control

Many plywood mills do not have a method of on-line quality control on plywood veneer thickness. Improvements need to be made to achieve more accurate measurement in a variety of situations with high in-feed rates. Yields can be substantially increased by knowing exact veneer size on-line and indication when out of range sizes occur.

Using SPR-02 Single Point Sensors measuring thickness profiles on-line with complete accuracy, in front of the rotary knife spanning the width of the ribbon line. The information is then fed to monitors in the lathe operators booth, delivering an instantaneous picture of variations in thickness as the wood comes off the peeler block. Out of range readings can be displayed in color, along with a warning alarm indicator. The system can detect mechanical problems with the lathe, as well as improve the drying schedules, glue spreading, bond quality and finished thickness of the panel.

SPR-02 sensors used as laser micrometers, deliver instantaneous and continuous information, as well as compile information on shifts, allowing supervisors more time to focus on other areas. Higher recovery rates can be achieved, delivering increased efficiency and increased profits.

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