LUMBER SORTER, Thickness/Width Measurement

Many sawmills use mechanical arms or limit switches to measure thickness at the lumber sorter. This may result in incorrectly measured boards, or inability to distinguish between close thicknesses, which is very important for export lumber. Improvements need to be made to achieve more accurate measurement in situations with high in-feed rates. Improved results need to be achieved by having exact top and bottom board measurement.

Using SPR-02 Single Point Sensors to accurately measure a series of thicknesses gives cross section profiles across the width of the boards. Using an encoder will determine the exact width of the boards. The information is then processed by the PLC or controlling computer to classify the lumber. The system requires (2) SPR-02 sensors, which can scan at up to 667 times per second, delivering a true picture of the board's precise measurements. Harsh dust, temperature and vibration conditions make the NEMA 4 rated SPR-02 sensors perfect for this application.

Improved sorting can be achieved at much higher piece rates, resulting in increased efficiency and increased profits. Quality control information delivered by the sensors can also detect out of range sizes.

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